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3D Thin Silicone Mold #G - Flowers

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    Product Description

    Maskscara 3D Nail Art Silicone Mould is your Key to Effortless 3D Nail Art.

    Release your creativity and effortlessly create beautiful 3D nail art designs with the Maskscara 3D Nail Art Silicone Mould. These moulds are designed to simplify the 3D nail art decoration process, offering a wide range of designs to inspire your creativity!

    Using these moulds is easy. Just fill the mold with your preferred nail product, then either cure it or allow it to dry. Once set, gently flex the mold to effortlessly release your intricate nail art decoration. Shop now and enjoy the fun!

    Begin by ensuring your mould is clean.
    Cleanse the mould with nail cleanser for optimal results and allow it to dry. 
    Apply gel polish or your product of choice over your chosen design on the mould.
    Use the scraper card at a 45-degree angle to delicately remove any excess gel from the design.
    Proceed to cure the design in a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.
    Release the design using tweezers and delicately apply it to the nail.
    Attach your 3D mould art to the nail using either Supreme or Rubber base gel.
    Ensure the nail's surface is properly buffed and free from any lint or debris.
    Apply a top coat to the design and cure it for 60 seconds to achieve a polished finish.

    PRO TIP! 
    Make sure moulds are cleaned after each use.

    1 Piece
    Net Weight: 24 G
    Dimensions: 2 * 8 *5 CM

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