Everything you need to know about Maskscara Rubber Base Coat and Supreme Foundation - Maskscara

Everything you need to know about Maskscara Rubber Base Coat and Supreme Foundation

Are you torn between Maskscara's Supreme Foundation and Rubber Base for your next gel application? We understand the dilemma! Both are exceptional products in our gel range, each with its own unique benefits and applications. So let's get into the details to help you understand the benefits of these amazing base gel systems.

Supreme Foundation: Strength and Versatility

Supreme Foundation is the powerhouse of our gel lineup. Seamlessly compatible with Maskscara Soft Gel tips, builder and Infinity UV systems, it offers unparalleled versatility. Whether used in conjunction with other Maskscara products or on its own, Supreme Foundation boasts exceptional strength and durability.

With its high viscosity, Supreme Foundation is perfect for reinforced nail applications. Build structured overlays over weak nails making it perfect for those wanting to grow their natural nails without the fear of continuous breakage. This gel is your go-to for creating strong short sculpted enhancements that last with super retention. Supreme is easy to fill and fully soak-able for those that like a complete fresh set. 

Rubber Base: Flexibility and Adhesion

On the other hand, Rubber Base is all about flexibility and adhesion. Ideal for those seeking a thinner base coat layer and a slightly less structured appearance. Rubber Base excels in gel polish adhesion. It's the perfect choice for achieving a sleek, natural look without sacrificing durability.

Rubber Base can also serve as a base application for all Maskscara builder gel systems and Infinity gel, adding to its versatility. Fully acetone soak-able for easy removal when it's time for a change.

Comparing the Two:

Now, let's take a closer look at how these two top-tier products stack up against each other:

  • Flexibility and Retention:

    • Rubber Base: Super flexible, designed for added retention.

    • Supreme Foundation: Incorporates the properties of a builder and rubber base gel, offering both flexibility and strength.

  • Wear Cycle and Nail Reinforcement:

    • Rubber Base: Super extended wear cycle of color gel.

    • Supreme Foundation: Reinforces weak nails with added strength and long wear and defined shape. 

  • Application and Soak-ability:

    • Rubber Base: Prefers thinner layer application, fully acetone soak-able.

    • Supreme Foundation: Does not prefer thin layer applications, but is fully acetone soak-able for easy removal.

  • Layering and Adhesion:

    • Rubber Base: Can be used in one thin coat or multiple layers if desired, requires Pro10 bond for best results.

    • Supreme Foundation: Requires a slip layer with reinforced “float” style application for ultimate wear, Pro10 is optional and can aid in chronic lifting cases.

  • Heat Spikes and Soft Gel Tip Application:

    • Rubber Base: Not recommended for Soft Gel tip application due to the possibility of high heat spikes.

    • Supreme Foundation: Best adhesion for Soft gel tips, offering minimal heat spike effect and secure attachment.

So which one wins? 

In the battle of Supreme Foundation vs. Rubber Base, there's no clear winner, it all comes down to your individual preferences and needs. If you crave strength and durability, the Supreme Foundation is your best bet. For those who prioritize flexibility and a thinner base, Rubber Base is the way to go. Whichever you choose, you can trust that you're getting a top-notch product with every brush stroke.