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Cut Out Tips - Natural Stiletto (5)

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    Maskscara Stiletto Cut Out Tips are custom designed for a fashionable perfect stiletto shape. Cut out tips will give you a comfortable fit and shape for most nail bed shapes and are designed for minimal contact space for fast, easy blending. These tips are an easy fit for those with a natural nail that has a short free edge. Maskscara tips are manufactured using first grade ABS plastic giving you maximum strength and colour stability. They are available in Natural and Clear.

    • HOW DO I USE IT ? Prep the nails by gently buffing the surface of the nail plate with a 180 Maskscara file. Ensure that you remove the dust. Apply Maskscara Dehyr8 to remove any surface oils. Select the correct tip size, make sure that the tip fits comfortably on the nail plate and that there are no visible gaps. If necessary, customize the tip with a file for proper fit. Apply nail glue to the contact area of the tip, gently rock the tip onto the free edge and hold for a few seconds to allow bonding. Use a lint free wipe to remove any excess glue if necessary. Once all the tips have been applied, cut them to desired length using a tip cutter. Blend and shape the tips accordingly. Be sure to dust the newly applied tips and proceed with the application of Pro10 Bond or 3XV Triple Bond Primer on the exposed natural nail only. You may now proceed with the nail enhancement product application of your choice.
    • WHATS IN THE PACK? Each pack contains 500 tips.
    • PRO TIP. Cut out stiletto tips and be cut to suit any length requirement as well as easily customised for a flawless coffin shape. From time to time you will find the tips you are using will need to be customized (altered) to fit your client’s nail bed. Gently hold back sidewalls so as to expose the maximum surface of the nail plate possible. Ensure that the tip covers the nail plate on both sides. Avoid too much pressure when applying the tip. It will disturb the wall shape and will lead to service breakdown.
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