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Ooh La La - 10g Professional Colour Acrylic

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    Product Description

    Maskscara Professional Soft Lavender color acrylic polymer. Our highly refined acrylic polymers are meticulously formulated to deliver intense, true-to-color shades to suit every style and occasion. Maskscara colour acrylic polymers are the perfect choice for nail technicians and enthusiasts looking to create a statement-making manicure or a sophisticated nail design. So why settle for ordinary nails when you can have extraordinary nails? Experience the power of color with Maskscara and let your nails become a work of art.
    Unleash your creativity with our acrylic polymer range!.


    Easy to apply.
    Easy removal by soaking in Acetone.
    True-to-color shades to suit every style and occasion.
    Peta approved.


    Use our polymers with Maskscara Monomer for optimum results and product performance. 
    Prep nails according to nail preparation procedure using Maskscara Dehydr8 and Pro10 bond or 3XV triple bond.
    Using a medium to wet ratio, pick up a bead of Maskscara colour acrylic and apply evenly over the entire nail surface. 
    Cap the colour layer with a layer of Maskscara Clear Acrylic polymer.
    Allow the acrylic to fully polymerize (dry).
    File, shape and buff the nail.
    To seal apply a coat of the Maskscara Non-Wipe Carbon Top Coat.

    PRO TIP.

    Create beautiful marble designs by dipping your brush into two contrasting colours and allow the beads to melt together on the nail to create a mesmerizing swirl effect.


    1 * 10G Pot
    Net Weight: 25 G
    Pot Dimension: 3.5 * 3.5 * 3 CM

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