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Foil Case - Oceanic

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    Our easy-to-use foil transfers gives you endless possibilities to create funky nail art. Our vast choice of designs will surprise your friends and family showcasing your colourful nail art. Following our easy application steps below you will become a pro in no time!. 

    Prepare your nails for manicure.
    When applying the foil art to the entire nail surface start with an application of Maskscara Foil Gel.
    Apply an even coat of Foil Gel and cure for 60 seconds using a LED curing lamp or 3-4 minutes using a UV lamp.
    Apply the desired foil pattern, press down and rub firmly on the foil pattern.
    Make sure you cover the entire surface where you want the nail art pattern to be on.
    Rub the foil pattern for 30 seconds then slowly peel away the foil.
    Now simply apply your favourite Maskscara Top coat and cure as per normal.

    PRO TIP!  For best results, paint the foil gel in an even layer. Once the foil has been applied be sure to rub down firmly to enhance transfer results.

    10 Pcs per box
    Net Weight: 64 G
    Product Dimensions: 12cm x 10.3 x 4.1

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